Piv Crashes the Circus.

Every time I read a story about this guy I feel as if he is pretty much the real life Ari Gould.

Apparently Jeremy Piven was out in NYC on Tuesday night when he stopped by nightclub Tenjune to say hello to a friend.  When he noticed the club had been transformed into a circus theme complete with clowns, guys on stilts, and jugglers, he was a bit puzzled, only to find out it was Britney Spears’ birthday party.

Piven told reporters, “I’m really embarrassed — I didn’t know it was Britney’s birthday party! I think I was the one guy who didn’t know!”

Duh, Piv!  Everyone in the world knew Britney’s every single move that day, where were you?

Unfortunatley for Jeremy, he did not get to speak to the birthday girl and wish her a happy one, he just went on through the night as a party crasher.

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