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Jeremy Piven Giving Someone a Piece of His Mind

Jeremy Piven was getting VERY heated during a phone conversation in Beverly Hills this week. The good news is, it was just as Ari Gold while filming scenes for Entourage! Entourage will be off this weekend due to the 4th of July, but back and brand new next Sunday, the 11th! Check out a couple […]

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EXCLUSIVE!!! Jeremy Piven’s Bad Hair Day

It looks as if they let Jeremy Piven into the hair club for men, but what they need to do is kick him out! The Entourage actor’s hair gets thicker as he ages.  Could it be the use of some sort of a product? I’s he giving it the Krylon touch? Check out a few […]

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Jeremy Piven Skips a Shave or Two

Jeremy Piven is back in town!   After being spotted all over New York, Cleveland, and Chicago last week, Jeremy Piven has been spotted back in LA. We saw the Piv out and about chatting with a buddy and looking a bit grizzly. The emmy award winning actor must have forgot his razor during his recent […]

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Stars Race in Malibu

All the stars who weren’t in NYC this past weekend for fashion week or the VMAs (but probably wish they were) turned out to the Nautica triathlon in Malibu  to participate for charity. Among those involved were Jeremy Piven, Terri Hatcher, Mario Lopez, William H Macy, Jason Lee, Ryan Seacrest, Felicity Huffman, Alec Baldwin and […]

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Jeremy Piven Reveals Chronic Hypochondria On Letterman

We smell something fishy and wearing a bad hair piece. Thy name be Jeremy Piven! The Entourage story-teller went on to Letterman last night and is STILL talking about his mercury incident (AKA “Yellowtail-Gate”) and other medical mishaps not very common to normal man. “I went to the doctor. He basically came back and said, […]

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Arbiter Swallows Piven’s Sushi Defense

I can’t believe that worked – Jeremy Piven did not violate the terms of his contract when he dropped out of a stage production of Speed-the-Plow claiming mercury poisoning, so says an arbiter in the Actor’s Equity Association. That’s like SAG for people who wish they were in SAG. To refresh your memory, Jeremy dropped […]

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Jeremy Piven, Kid Rock, and Dane Cook Walk Into a Bar…

This seriously is the beginning of a joke. Jeremy Piven, Dane Cook, and Kid Rock were apparently partying together in Vegas, and Dane Cook posted this pic on his twitter. The fact that they were in Vegas, plus the fact that it’s the rocker/comedian/actor trio  already sets off some warning signs of douchebaggery, but the […]

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Chris Kattan Doesn’t Understand He’s Not Allowed to Make Fun of Anybody

If you are on Saturday Night Live for seven years and leave without a single fan, you need to quit showbusiness.  Chris Kattan, who I thought would have died from malnutrition by now, had the audacity to take a shot a Jeremy Piven when they were both at MTV Studios to tape an episode of […]

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Piven Gets Raw

Jeremy Piven lost a battle with raw fish last year when he was diagnosed with high levels of mercury forcing him to become weak and drop out of the Broadway production of Speed the Plow. Well last night Piven took on the WWE’s Monday Night Raw to promote his new film,The Goods. In the clip […]

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Johnny Drama Finally Gets His Due, Piven’s Nomination

Can we all give this guy a collective round of applause and pats on the back? Kevin Dillon was the only dude from Entourage nominated for Best Anything (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, specifically). Dillon is easily the best part of watching that show, and I imagine his alter ego Johnny Drama walking around […]

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