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Jeremy Piven Giving Someone a Piece of His Mind

Jeremy Piven was getting VERY heated during a phone conversation in Beverly Hills this week. The good news is, it was just as Ari Gold while filming scenes for Entourage! Entourage will be off this weekend due to the 4th of July, but back and brand new next Sunday, the 11th! Check out a couple […]

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It’s Not TV, Nor HBO: Entourage Movie on the Way

Bro, if you like smokin’ hot chicks and yelling, have I got news for you: after Entourage goes on for two more seasons, they might squeeze a movie out of it! Can you imagine?! Turtle shopping for shoes on the big screen?! Series executive producer Mark Wahlberg, at the premiere of his rape-victim-in-heaven drama The […]

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Hey Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Other – Reporter Unwittingly Calls Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Boyfriend Fat

Have you been watching Entourage this season? Let me catch you up – heartthrob Vincent Chase is back on top after his last movie did boffo b.o., sleeping with the hottest chicks and partying at the coolest clubs. Man, some guys have all the luck! His short, orange manager E is torn between ex-gf Sloan […]

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Seth Rogan vs. Entourage — It’s On!

I would assume that Seth Rogan and the guys from Entourage would be all buddy-buddy, considering how dude-y they both come across. But apparently they can’t stand one another. See? It’s not just girls who are petty and bitchy to one another. On Sunday’s episode, Entourage made fun of Rogan by saying “his ugliness… is […]

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Johnny Drama Finally Gets His Due, Piven’s Nomination

Can we all give this guy a collective round of applause and pats on the back? Kevin Dillon was the only dude from Entourage nominated for Best Anything (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, specifically). Dillon is easily the best part of watching that show, and I imagine his alter ego Johnny Drama walking around […]

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The Boys are Back

Entourage will be returning for a sixth season this Sunday night on HBO, and the fans have been impatiently waiting ever since the end of season five. Even though the ratings for season five were a bit lackluster, and the critics are calling season six so/so, it’s all about the fans, and the  fans are […]

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Picked Up for Season Six!

HBO is givin’ Vinnie Chase and the boys another season to take Hollywood by storm. Entourage has just been given the green light to return for a sixth seeson, just five episodes into season five. Production on season six will likely start in early 2009 for a scheduled release during the summer. The success of […]

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Livin’ with Piven.

Check out these StarzLIfe EXCLUSIVE!! photos of Jeremy Piven at home in Malibu.  Jeremy is gearing up for season 5 of Entourage, which will air this fall on HBO.

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Shia messin’ with the wrong entourage??

I wonder what Vinny, Drama, Turtle and E would have to say about Shia LaBeouf driving under the influence with one of their own in the car as his passenger.  That’s the case with the “unidentified girl” that was riding in Shia’s truck when he flipped it during an accident early Sunday morning.

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Conflicting schedules?

Mark Wahlberg is possibly going to have a decision to make come September 21.  That’s the night of the Emmy awards, where his show Entourage is nominated for best comedy.  It also happens to be the same night his girlfriend Rhea Durham is due to give birth  to their son.

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