Johnny Drama Finally Gets His Due, Piven’s Nomination


Can we all give this guy a collective round of applause and pats on the back? Kevin Dillon was the only dude from Entourage nominated for Best Anything (Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, specifically). Dillon is easily the best part of watching that show, and I imagine his alter ego Johnny Drama walking around Sunset Blvd, high head held high, going up to every girl on the street telling them he was nominated for a major award to try to get them into bed. And I would be one of those easy girls that fell for it.

Even though all the scandal was in the Broadway world and not TV-related, Jeremy Piven must have pissed off way too many people with Sushigate, since he wasn’t nominated for an Emmy this year after winning three years in a row. His former Speed the Plow costar Elisabeth Moss was even nominated for Mad Men. Ouchie. Think Piven will even show up to the ceremony? Or would that be too embarrassing?

Let that be a lesson for all of you out there – don’t be a asshole and blame the poor fish you eat for your inability to commit to a role. Just think – “What Would Jeremy Piven Do?” (WWJPD) And then do the opposite. I’m gonna go make a bracelet to remind me.

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