Awesome, Resourceful Harry Potter Actor Pleads Guilty to Growing Pot in His Mom’s House

fat kid on right stays thuggin'

fat kid on right stays thuggin'

Jamie Waylett, who has, over the course of the previous year, gone from being an actor from the Harry Potter films I had never heard to my favorite actor from the Harry Potter films, entered his formal guilty plea for growing ten marijuana plants today. In addition to growing, Jamie was found with several bags of cannibus and a knife. Yes, the cops are on him for having a knife. Sheesh, how the hell are you supposed to defend yourself in that country? You can’t own a gun, you can’t pack a knife, and if you call the cops to defend you, they’re probably too busy running sting operations on fat wizards.

Tell us more, BBC:

The court heard police found shots of the plants on Mr Waylett’s camera after he was arrested for taking a picture of officers as he and a friend drove past.

This raises an interesting question: Would you rather be arrested for growing pot or have a sex tape of you released? The pot thing makes you cool and give you criminal street cred but you have to hire a lawyer and be extra, extra careful about growing pot for the rest of your life. The sex tape thing is humiliating but legal.

Your choice?

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