The Boys are Back


Entourage will be returning for a sixth season this Sunday night on HBO, and the fans have been impatiently waiting ever since the end of season five.

Even though the ratings for season five were a bit lackluster, and the critics are calling season six so/so, it’s all about the fans, and the  fans are ready for more Entourage.

We’re told you can expect alot more of Kevin Connoly’s character , Eric, this season, as he seems to be the main focus of at least the first two episodes.

Don’t fear that there will be any less Jeremy Piven‘s  Ari Gould though, because my source tells me he’s back and better than ever.

Entourage premiere’s sunday night at 10:30 on HBO.

Now only if they could get  it on the same schedule as East Bound and Down that would be a nice little Sunday!

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