Hey Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Other – Reporter Unwittingly Calls Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Boyfriend Fat


Have you been watching Entourage this season? Let me catch you up – heartthrob Vincent Chase is back on top after his last movie did boffo b.o., sleeping with the hottest chicks and partying at the coolest clubs. Man, some guys have all the luck! His short, orange manager E is torn between ex-gf Sloan and current crazy chick I forgot her name. Johnny Drama‘s drama is still on the air – boy, that guy can’t open his mouth without sticking his foot in it! Pint-sized homosexual Oriental assistant Lloyd is finally becoming, at age 43, an agent in his own right under the auspices of mentor Ari Gold, who continues to yell a lot. And Turtle is dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler. Jerry Ferrara, the actor who plays him, is also dating Jamie-Lynn Sigler IRL. So postmodern!

Still there? The reporter in the following video pulls a real Johnny Drama when he asks Ms. Sigler if she would actually date a “fat dude” like the fake version of herself. Damn, dude, crack a tabloid every now and then. You’re an entertainment reporter.

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