It’s Not TV, Nor HBO: Entourage Movie on the Way


Bro, if you like smokin’ hot chicks and yelling, have I got news for you: after Entourage goes on for two more seasons, they might squeeze a movie out of it! Can you imagine?! Turtle shopping for shoes on the big screen?!

Series executive producer Mark Wahlberg, at the premiere of his rape-victim-in-heaven drama The Lovely Bones, said to expect two more seasonal installments of Vince and the gang. “We’ll see, there could be more. But then, a movie.” A movie about a movie star from a series produced by a movie star? It’s so meta my head hurts. Also, I’m hung over.

FREE PLOT LINE IDEAS: Vince is in movie jail after his Oscar-baiting adaptation of The 9/11 Commission Report tanks. Ari hatches a plan to land Vince the comeback role of lifetime – Holden Caufield – but first must convince J.D. Salinger to sign away the rights. Lloyd is tasked with making it a reality; success will finally earn him Ari’s respect; failure will earn him an exit from the agency. Lloyd, harnessing the power of the gay assistant mafia, learns that J.D. is in the final throes of dementia AND has a son who’s a dead ringer for Johnny Drama!  Johnny’s on the next plane to wherever the hell J.D. Salinger lives with Turtle in tow. The scene of them working out their story on the plane is really funny. There’s a cameo from some totally hot young actress or maybe Oliver Platt. Meanwhile, “E” is being pulled apart by a love triangle: he’s sleeping with the bitchy JAP daughter of a Sony exec who went to Crossroads AND the bitchy JAP daughter of a Paramount exec who went to Brentwood High WHO CAN’T STAND EACH OTHER. Vince goes out to get pizza and ends up sleeping with a low-level member of the Luxembourg aristocracy. I don’t have any sort of third-act resolution yet. [note: If Salinger turns down the chance to play himself, ask if Ian McKellen will lower his quote to be part of this prestige project.]

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