Arbiter Swallows Piven’s Sushi Defense


I can’t believe that worked – Jeremy Piven did not violate the terms of his contract when he dropped out of a stage production of Speed-the-Plow claiming mercury poisoning, so says an arbiter in the Actor’s Equity Association. That’s like SAG for people who wish they were in SAG.

To refresh your memory, Jeremy dropped out of the Broadway production last year, claiming that his excessive fatigue was the result of being rich enough to eat sushi twice a day. When tested, his doctors determined his mercury levels to be five to six times higher than the standard upper limit. Damn, what the hell does blue-fin tuna eat all day? Batteries?

If you’re worried about mercury poisoning yourself, remember that the higher on the food chain, the greater the mercury concentration. Eat less swordfish. Stick to krill and algae.

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