Jeremy Piven Reveals Chronic Hypochondria On Letterman

We smell something fishy and wearing a bad hair piece. Thy name be Jeremy Piven!

The Entourage story-teller went on to Letterman last night and is STILL talking about his mercury incident (AKA “Yellowtail-Gate”) and other medical mishaps not very common to normal man.

I went to the doctor. He basically came back and said, ‘We have your lab results… You’ve got elevated levels of mercury we’ve never seen before…” They didn’t know how I was even walking around. I also had Epstein Barr, which is you know, mono…

Said Letterman: “I’ve had bad yellowtail, and I know what that is!

If you can handle more of Piven’s medical history, watch the clip above. And the next time you order yellowtail, think of this wonderful man who has inspired medicine and mercury researchers alike.

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