Kathy Griffin Takes Aim at Bristol Palin’s Weight on VH1 Special

Kathy Griffin was met by a chorus of boos that rivaled a Lebron James homecoming this past weekend when she hosted the VH1 Divas Salute the Troops special that aired on Sunday night.

In her opening routine, she ragged on Bristol Palin as the “only contestant on dancing with the stars to ever gain weight during the show,” adding that she “gained like 30 lbs per week.”   She even went as far as calling her the “white precious.”

The internet was buzzing with the Bristol weight talk during the show, and carried on until the end, as did the Palin daughter, making it to the finals before coming in third.

Kathy’s joke was met by  the boo-birds, as the servicemen and women took issue with the weight joke.

Should she have picked on someone else over a political daughter?

Check out this piece from Fox News if you missed it.

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