Kathy Griffin Should Win the Best Date Award for the Teen Choice Awards

Kathy Griffin

While other suckers were bringing their ‘wife’ or ‘husband’ or ‘longtime partner’ as their guest to the Teen Choice Awards, Kathy Griffin brought the best possible date- Levi Johnston, AKA that kid who knocked up Sarah Palin‘s daughter.

Griffin, 48, brought the 19 year-old Alaskan to the Teen Choice Awards, and then caught some dinner at Katsuya. Of all her publicity stunts- like shopping with Paris Hilton, going on a date with Britney‘s ex Adnan – this is by far my favorite.

Hey kids who are stuck in Alaska, being somewhat good at music like Jewel is no longer your only way out of that icebox. Long term plan: Knock up a girl. Make sure this girl’s mom is governor. Bonus points if she is campaigning for Vice President. The liberal media will hate her and jump on any point they can attack her with. You will then become a teen pregnancy scapegoat, but famous. You will eventually get to go to the Teen Choice Awards in Los Angeles when a comedian wants to use you for publicity. It’s a better plan than going to college!

Be sure to check out more pics of Kathy here!

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