Kathy Griffin Reveals New Lover On Larry King: Levi Johnston

In case you missed the funniest episode of Larry King since Heather McCartney took off her prosthetic leg on the air –¬† Funny lady Kathy Griffin hosted Monday’s episode of Larry King Live.

Her co-star? Her date and “new love interest” from the previous night’s Teen Choice Awards, Sarah Palin’s almost-son-in-law, Levi Johnston.

Some of the highlights:

Can we please talk about my new life in Wasila. Tell me about my new love igloo.

And something¬† you don’t hear often from a CNN anchor: “Can you please stop looking at my rack. I am a person, Levi. Not a sex object.

And hilariously- as the Alaskan hunk stumbled across the words to a letter to Miley Cyrus – Griffin begged “Levi, please tell me you can read.

Followed by what we all knew was coming next: “Levi, can you please just take your clothes off?

Somebody, please retire/fire Larry King. CNN has a new star.

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