Miley Sees The World Through Rose Colored Glasses


Miss Miley Cyrus took to her twitter yesterday to show off her new accessory- a pair of red glasses. She wrote, “My new glasses 🙂 yayy! Makes me look smart and stylish”

While I think she looks cute, it’s a little suspicious how mom-like the sentiment seems. It’s almost like a band of mothers got together to try and reach their children through the only way they knew how- teenage pop stars and twitter.

If this theory of Miley’s twitter account being hacked by a flock of mothers holds true, expect the following tweets in the coming days:

“Just brushed my teeth after my last meal. Flossed too. Flossing is fun and sexy!”
“Can’t wait to go back to school. Wishing homework wasn’t so short, it keeps me distracted from boys”
“I think drugs and pre-marital sex are worse than pimples and pop quizzes!”

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One Response to Miley Sees The World Through Rose Colored Glasses

  1. September 12, 2009 at 1:39 am #

    she looks pretty good in glasses, she should wear them more often. r they prescription?

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