The Truth About Miley’s Church Disruption.

The Truth About Mileys Church Disruption.

Yesterday it was reported that Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Justin Gaston had gotten in trouble for texting each other during church service, even causing the church’s pastor to have to step in and speak to them.

Well a very well place source within the Montrose, CA church’s family tells StarzLife EXCLUSIVELY! today otherwise, saying that they are a bit disappointed that a member of their church community would spread a rumor like that.

The source adds, “As far as I know, nothing happened at all. The Cyrus family usually sits in the back, and someone may have stopped to talk with them, or to ask if they had available seats nearby, or something else. It gets crowded in the back of the room, and there are often ushers in the back helping people move around and trying to make sure everyone has a seat. I don’t know if they were texting, but if they were it was not disruptive. “

Miley spent yesterday evening on a bike ride in the Valley with her sister Brandi. The girls stopped by Bob’s Big Boy and Miley posed with the statue out front. Naughty Miley continued to disobey that pesky helmet law, and continued to chat away no her celly while riding down the street. Poor Brandi!

The Truth About Mileys Church Disruption.
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  • Pinta

    I like that second picture of Miley. Who the HELL cares about Miley in chruch. Like she is a christian, she just goes for publicity.

  • raamm

    i don’t like her style

  • Marissa

    Stop hatin on Miley,,,

  • mizjtdeeva

    well miley i everything about miley and this is the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!