And it Had Nothing to Do With Online Petitions: “Arrested Development” Talent Returns to Fox


Remember how annoying it was to tell people you didn’t watch Arrested Development back when it was on? You’d have to endure a lecture about how it was the best show on television and how you’d love it if you only watched a couple episodes – but you had to start at the beginning, because the story lines were so complex. It was like the Wire of sitcoms.

Three names from Arrested Development – star Will Arnett, creator Mitch Hurwitz, and co-excutive producer Jim Vallely (he’s the real brains in the crew – just kidding, I’ve never heard of him) will be returning to Fox with a new show. It stars Arnett as a Beverly Hills “jackass” (the Hollywood Reporter used that word, not me) who falls in love with a “charitable, tree-hugging” woman. Culture clash ensues! Man, I bet Will Arnett’s character is the type of guy who doesn’t even realize Stephen Colbert is kidding! Michael Cera will guest star as a gawky, precious soul with a quick quip on the tip of his tongue and ache in his sensitive heart. (I’m just guessing. But I’m right.)

Source: THR

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