Miley’s First Death Hoax.

Internet pranksters are at it again.  Today Miley Cyrus joins the ranks of fellow celebrities Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Kel Mitchel, and most recently Lil’ Wayne among many others to be the victim of an internet death hoax.

Someone hacked into Miley’s YouTube account this weekend. You know, the one she posts those bratty annoying videos with her 30-year-old friend, Mandy?

Well the hacker posted a video claiming that Miley had passed away after being hit by a drunk driver!

Sick, sick people!!!

Had something so horrible and unfortunate happend to Ms. Cyrus, I’m 100% certain that her family would not share the news via some poorly made YouTube video.

The video will likely be taken down ASAP so you can try your luck viewing it by clicking here.

To see a screen cap of this sick shit follw me after the jump.

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