Blog Comment Claims to be Truth About Tila


Take this one as you will, however if it were to be valid, it would not be THAT shocking.

A man who claims to have gone to high school with Tila Tequila commented on one of her recent blog posts, exposing her for the supposed lies she’s told since she was a young girl.

The comments were quickly removed from her blog, which isn’t usually a tactic used by most blogs because there’s going to be negative comments everywhere.  Kinda makes it seem like these ones really hit home right?  Someone managed to snatch them up, along with some screen grabs attached.


HI everyone, MY name is Bian and I am viet…. I FINALLY had to write on here because we have all read this and want the world to KNOW the real TILA. TILA dropped out at the end of our 9th grade year because she was so hated by everyone in our school. By homecoming of our freshman year, TILA had already accussed 5 boys of rape, which was proven to be a lie, after she financially ruined their families. Her parents put her out after that because she destroyed their reputation and to VIETNAMESE people that is very important. Tila also had altleast 8 FAKE pregnancies and there were different fathers there as well. She accussed atleast 4 boys of being the father during 8th grade in the matter of a few months. She kept up this charade until her parents proved she wasnt pregnant. They brought her to school with the boys to the principle office and made her take a test which was negative. Tila was so embarrased she said that another girl forced her to do that to get back at that boyfriend. There was no other girl. Tila used to tell people she was going to buy them this for their birthday or for xmas all the time and never did. EVERYONE including the teachers knew she was a liar. TILA did cocaine and meth and marijuana from like 10 on. She was a geek, not popular because she lied so much. Tila would tell people that she knew these street kids who she was going to go to and have them hurt them. TILA messed them over and according to the newspaper, had gotten her house broke into and parents house nearly destroyed for stealing these peoples money and drugs. One time that beat the shit out of her for telling them she was going to goto the police. She told the police her dad hit her, but they never arrested him because of her history with them and the fact that he had been out of town for work. TILA tried all the time to tell people how bad her family was to her, but her mom and dad were nice people, very active in the community until tila disgraced them so bad that they had to move. They tried giving her everything they could and finally sent her to a juvie center to help her. When TILA go out she told everyone had she was in charge and was controlling gangs and areas. The police then arrested her summer of our sophomore year for prostitution and drugs. TILA was always a whore, getting STD’s and stuff. TILA had multiple personalities and was always thinking she was GOD.

WHAT WE ARE SAYING is TILA LIES ABOUT EVERYTHING, THERE IS NO TRUTH TO ANY OF HER PAST that she has created. TILA IS BROKE, she has called home and some of her old friends begging for money. NO ONE WILL GIVE HER A DIME. TILA IS A METH HEAD and has and will USE ANYONE she can. SHE THINKS that you people in HOLLYWOOD think she is famous and important. SHE was told over XMAS when we saw her that she was a joke to the world and a loser. She doesnt own her home, has no car, her drivers license is suspended that is why she doesnt drive and has a record for theft, drugs and solicitation. SOON all of these people she is saying she is representing will learn that she is a liar. She bragged about her phone sex line… SO RAZ is now doing phone sex for a paycheck. Joe Francis is the mastermind behind this and now that he has all his assests frozen, he hasnt been giving TILA any money and cant for a long time. IT WILL be very soon before the world finds out about TILA. ALSO, she told us IN DECEMBER that she WAS NOT PREGNANT, so there is no way she is now 15 weeks as she claims. TILA is not a LESBIAN and never was, she would just fuck who ever gave her money in TEXAS. I see the comments about her family stepping in, and well, to be honest, they wont even let her in their house because what she has done to them, They say they have no DAUGHTER. She is not allowed her nephew because of her drug habit according to her brother who lives her and still talks to us.


In other news, Tila has finally settled a lawsuit with Shawne Merriman, after claiming that he had beat her which was eventually decided by a judge as not true.

Tequila has also currently been facing some pregnancy troubles, fearing a miscarriage and threatening suicide if such a thing were to happen.  The man she claims to be the baby’s father, rapper The Game, is denying that there’s any chance he’s the daddy.  <- shocker!


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