Tila Tequila Tweets “I’m Quitting Twitter” Thrice, Tweets Twice More


Srsly, you guys, Tila Tequila is just toooo busy with her super-successful record label to tweet about her dead wife and all the mean guys who want to beat her up for being pretty and her pregnancy and impending adoption of a Russian orphan. I know this because she took the time to write this lengthy blog entry about it and tweet about the blog entry. Then she tweeted about quitting twitter but not before tweeting a little more. I wonder if she tweeted since I started writing this blog entry. *checks* Nope. Now I wonder if she’s dead.

Let me cut and paste the most factually important parts from Tila’s most recent blog post. That’s my job.

Lately there has [sic] been a lot of RUMORS about me floating around….there has [sic] been rumors that I said I had a MISCARRIAGE! I NEVER EVER EVER SAID I HAD A MISCARRIAGE! THE BLOGGERS ARE THE ONES SAYING THAT! So to clear that up, I never said I had a miscarriage. All I said was that I was having extreme pain in my belly. Which is not all that crazy, considering I recently had an accident, when I cracked my skull and dented my head….I will telll [sic] you more about this situation and MANY others once my Gossip blog launches on March 16th. I am saving ALL THE GOODIES FOR THE GOSSIP BLOG!!!!!!!!! JUST WAIT!!!! OHHHHH I CANNOT WAIT!! I may even tell you who my baby daddy is!!!!!!!!!! hehe…I cannot wait to adopt my baby boy from Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m going to be the best Mommy in the whole entire world!!!!….My My am I a busy woman these days! But I’m happy! Some of you may have noticed that I have stopped speaking about Casey. That is because it hurts too much and now I feel like that is something that is VERY private and personal. I will always and forever love her and keep her locked deep inside my heart, but you will NEVER EVER hear me speak of her again. That is because it’s something that belongs to me and not the public!….SO I guess this is GOODBYE FOR NOW!!!! This will be my last blog for a while and I won’t be tweeting anymore because I won’t have time. I will try my best to come by and say hi every once in a while! I just think it’s a good idea to lay low for a while, since the media is all over my ass! So that’s what I’m doing. I am laying low for a while, disappear for about a month or so, then once i come back …………POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You won’t even recognize me anymore!!!! Because you will no longer see the “TILA TEQUILA” but you will see the “MS. NGUYEN” the super talented singer/songerwriter/performer/gossip blogger/manager/and of course my new look….very VOGUE!

You’ll be missed, Tila. By you.

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