Tila Tequila Pens Open Letter to Lindsay Lohan


Everyone want’s to hop on board the help Lindsay train these days.

On her new gossip blog, MissTilaOMG.com, Tila Tequila has written an open letter to Lindsay Lohan, claiming to be the one who can save her.

There are some definite highlights, lowlights, and LOLZ in this letter, but you can be the judge of those moments.

Paste your favorite line in the comment section below, and tell us why.  You may be eligible for a prize!

Dear Lindsay,

I am writing this open letter to you because I don’t know how else to get to you. Sure we had a brief meeting once at one of P.Diddy’s after parties, and we spoke briefly.  To be honest, I remember us chatting for just a few minutes as there were a lot of fucking lurkers around and you know how that goes. It’s hard for us to keep in contact when those lurkers maybe the same people who will backstab us.  In any case Lindz, I just wanted to write you and let you know that I truly, truly feel for you. I remember when I was in NYC for my Press tour for my Music and My Celebrity Gossip Blog, and I noticed in another blog saying that you and I were in the Big Apple at the same time, except I was there to do many great things with my career, and all they had to say about you is something Horrible that Dr. Drew said about you needing to get help.

Listen mama, I know how frustrating that must feel like. You against the whole world.  I even tried to contact you on your Twitter but fuck all that Twitter bullshit!  This is real. This is the only way I know that I can contact you and I KNOW you will read this.  What I want to say to you is that, it saddens me when you once had SO MUCH POTENTIAL! You are very talented in my eyes and I do agree with the rest of the world when they say that you just need to take some time off girlfriend.  Take that time off!!!!!!!!!  We will be here for you when you get your shit together and get ready for your comeback!  I mean look at me for instance!  I was labeled the trainwrecks of all trainwrecks, but I took it upon myself to delete my twitter page (the old one) and sit here and think about what is important to me.  Right now, I feel like you have a HORRIBLE team around you Lindz.

The purpose of this letter is that I want to be there for you.  I know you are a Cancer and I am a Scorpio. We are supposedly supposed to click major!!! Plus I have ALWAYS found myself getting along with CANCERS my ENTIRE LIFE!  SO Lindz…..  I literally told my friends a few days ago that it’s so sad that Me, Miss Tila, Once just a Myspace girl turned Reality star, and I now have surpassed Lindsay Lohan!  Girl that is sad!!!!  Cuz to me, you were the LEGIT SUPERSTAR, THE MOVIE STAR!  And now, you have let a once Reality Star, Miss Tila, Surpass you!!! Come on girl!!!!!! I’m not here bashing you!  I want to help you just like everyone else. The only difference is, I am not like everyone else.  I want to help you in a genuine way and possibly build a friendship. I  know we can have a lot of fun together and regardless of what this bullshit media keeps saying about you, I got your back girlfriend!!  FUCK THE STUPID MEDIA AND LEAVE LINDSAY ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hit me up Lindz.  I got your back and I know that we are all rooting for you. ok?  We want the old Lindsay back and I KNOW I can help you get that back!  You just need to cut off all these fucktards who are USING you without you knowing! Trust me, I am older than you and I have been there and done that! So anyway, have your people call my people….lol…. love  ya girl! THIS IS THE LINDSAY WE WANT BACK!!!!!!!!!! I CAN HELP YOU! CALL ME! MUAH!

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