Ashlee Simpson exits the doctor’s office looking PUFFY, sickly, and depressed!

On a Monday, I am waiting; on a Tuesday, I am FADING; and by Wednesday…

032608_sl_simpson03.JPG032608_sl_simpson09.JPGIs that world’s most depressing peace sign or what?
Whatever happened to fun, vibrant Ashlee Simpson?!  The girl is fading before our eyes!  Dang!  Ashlee’s looking like a perfect candidate to star in the next big Lifetime Movie about some abused, anorexic wife of the 80’s (who was also abused during her childhood, btw) searching for her long-ago abducted child!  …Ashlee, wake up!  You have always been beautiful, there is no need for extra visits to “special doctors” or to take after your peers’ grandma-loving ways!!  What the heck’s wrong with you, Ashlee Simpson?!


I’m one of those people who considered Ashlee to be cute as a button when she was all natural.  I then considered her to look plain gorgeous, after first batch of surgery; but now it seems she’s gone too far.  I mean, chica’s got no time left to tan, work out, or even get new clothes!  Poor thing’s been accesorizing with Great Grandma’s hand-me-downs!

Ashlee Simpson was recently vocal about her transformation in an interview with US weekly:

I was never really unhappy with how I looked, [and] I don’t think I am more beautiful than I was [before],” Simpson tells Us“I just see the same old goofy girl I see every day

Um, I think therein lies the problem, you-anorexic skinny, surgery addicted, starlet-you!  Start looking in the mirror, and for God’s sake, have yourself a nice (protein) shake in the sun!


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