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She’s Gone

Nicolette Sheridan made her exit from Wisteria Lane last night on Desperate Housewives. Find out how after the cut.

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Felicity Huffman is a comedic scare!

Lynette will be the new slut-nut of Desperate Housewives! recently caught up with a freshly manicured AND groomed Felicity Huffman, as she enthusiastically walked the streets of LA last week, doing some research for her possible new role as Desperate Housewives‘ most recent character gone slutty-mad! And, I gotta say, chica did one heck […]

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Still Desperate? Not for long.

Nicolette Sheridan may go from desperate housewife to dead housewife by the end of the next season of ABC’s hit show.

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Desperate for baby!

Desperate Housewives‘ Nicolette Sheridan pulling an Anna Nicole? Running around LA looking confused, pushing an empty baby carriage!  Has she gone mad?! Huh? Although Nicolette Sheridan looked pretty funny this week _ running around West Hollywood, looking like a maniac and pushing an empty baby carriage_ it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this hot MILF crooning […]

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Nicollette Sheridan is one hot ass blowfish!!

Desperate Housewives should start airing new episodes pretty soon, and I CAN’T WAIT!!  My favorite show is coming back, and not a moment too soon!!  Just imagine, if all our favorite characters keep undergoing transformations, pregnancies, and lip injections, Mr. Cherry and the writers will have to make up an episode that takes us directly […]

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Why so glum?

Nicollette Sheridan is super hot for an old bitty that’s  44!!!  Most woman  her age look absolutely haggard, with more hair on their chins then on their head, not Nicollette though!  This Desperate Housewife might be a bit glum over the writer’s strike but even without makeup and a trout pout she is still hot, hot, […]

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