Desperate for baby!

Desperate Housewives‘ Nicolette Sheridan pulling an Anna Nicole?


Running around LA looking confused, pushing an empty baby carriage!  Has she gone mad?!

033008_sl_sheridan09.JPG Huh?

Although Nicolette Sheridan looked pretty funny this week _ running around West Hollywood, looking like a maniac and pushing an empty baby carriage_ it’s unlikely we’ll be seeing this hot MILF crooning invisible kids or mumbling in clown make-up anytime soon.


Nicollette Sheridan went shopping with friends in Beverly Hills, and, after a hearty meal at The Ivy, this Desperate Housewives’ star was in high spirits, taking off with her friend’s baby carriage and playfully charging after several paparazzi (who were then able to get some horrendous shots of her Friend’s style, gymnast neck)!


Now, Is it just me or is that a huge kid to be riding around in a stroller?  Dang, man!  I know I’m super out of it in terms of baby fads, but it just seems to me there’s a new Russell Crowe parenting fan popping out left and rigt all over LA lately!  Whatever happened to the days of “holding mommy’s hand” or getting no dessert?

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