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Christopher Walken’s Hair Don’t

Surfing around Facebook we found this gem that a fan snapped of Christopher Walken recently. Holy hair!!! We’re speechless, so we’re going to leave it at that!

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Balloon Boy Found!

After nearly 5 hours at large and becoming the top 3 trending topics on Twitter, balloon boy has been found… In the attic in a box in his house. IN HIS HOUSE! They spent 5 hours worried/wondering where this kid was but didn’t search the entire house. Wish I could say I’m glad he’s safe, […]

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Oh My Gosselin!

This is what you call a take over! Jon and Kate +2 of 8 have landed themselves on all of the major covers this week Every single one is making Kate and her bikini bod out to be the bad guy! Lovin’ it!

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What a Tease!

Just when you think its going to get good, they make us wait until Sunday at the MTV awards… 14 stinkin seconds of  New Moon!

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If You Woke Up This Morning Expecting to See Rihanna Naked…

You must have psychic powers or something!!! How the F did naked Rihanna nude pics hit the net with no warning?? Must be fake right? Click here to check em out!  NSFW obvi.

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In Case You Forgot!

Gossip Girl returns to the CW tonight with all new episodes.  Things seem like they are going to be heating up again. Check out the latest promo below.

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Good News!

MacGyver is likely headed to the big screen! New Line is ahead of the project and they are hoping to score themselves the new action franchise out of this cult classic television show. Obviously, old ass Richard Dean Anderson will not be reprising the role of America’s number one voted action hero, so this thing […]

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Jackson Sells Out All 50 Shows!!

Hours after tickets for the next 40 of Michael Jackson’s O2 residency went on sale the tickets were gone. Sold the F out!! ONE MILLION SEATS gone within hours!  Concert promoters are saying nothing like this has ever happened before, and will likely never happen again. (Until he does his final US residency of course!!) […]

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Britney Spears Womanizer

It’s Here!!!

Your first look at Britney’s Circus Tour which kicks off TOMORROW in New Orleans! Britney has just been announced as the official new Candies girl, and Candies, along with Britney Spears Official Site have teamed up to bring you a quick peek at tour dress rehearsals. Check it out below.  Excited!!

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Most Aniticipated Grammy Performance.

It was only reported that singer M.I.A. would be performing at tomorrow night’s Grammy Awards, which doubles as her baby’s due date, but looks like they had a bigger secret up their sleeves! Secrets out!!  M.I.A. will be joined on stage by hip-hop heavyweights Jay-Z, Kanye West, T.I. and Lil Wayne, where they will perform […]

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