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Father Time Hasn’t Been Too Kind.

A Very haggard looking Nick Nolte running errand and carrying a man-purse. Whats the deal, Nick?

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Forgot Something, Linda Hogan???

Hold on to your lunch and check out these StarzLife Exclusive!! photos of fifty-year-old Linda Hogan showing off her  ass cheeks at the Standard Pool in Miami this past weekend. Linda and her nineteen-year-old son boyfriend Charlie Hill spent the day at the pool and Linda let it all hang out in an orange thong […]

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The Price is Rigged?

Naturally when big things happen on gameshows you have to question wether they really happened, or if they were set up for entertainment value. Sometimes I even question if there is a secret man or computer system behind the big wheel on The Price is Right that gives it an extra push towards the 1.00 […]

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Gossip Girl Spinoff News.

Contrary to reports that one of your favorite Gossip Girl stars would be leaving the show for a spin-off series, it’s now been  revealed that the show will center around TWO of the current characters. But not so fast, Gossip Girl fans wont be losing anyone when the CW puts out a spin-off based on […]

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The Circus Is Selling Fast!

If you don’t know by now, I feel sorry for you, because according to over 100,000 tickets have already been sold to Britney Spears’ 2009 tour. Tickets went on sale this morning at 8:00am!!! Thats not even 12 hours! If you still need to get tickets, find your date here and act fast!

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America Get’s ‘Rick Rolled’ In Greatest Thanksgiving Day Parade Appearance EVER!

This morning I was watching the parade, thinking “oh great another stupid puppet float” when all of the sudden the record scratched and I, and the rest of America had just been Rick Rolled! Rick Astley himself burst out of the cartoon house and lipsynched his way through his oldie but goodie mega hit “never […]

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Do You Feel the Drip?????

2 weeks ahead of schedule, Circus has officially leaked!!!! Get your google on and find it! I’d share if I could, but I cant 🙂

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Britney Throws an Amy Winehouse Diss on Circus??

For those of you like myself riding the Circus wagon, you’re going to love this!  It was a track included in the 8 minute mix sampler that I posted last week, but It didn’t gain much attention. A loop of Track 6 titled “If you seek amy” which translates to (F. U. C. K. ME) […]

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Britney to Perform With Madonna TONIGHT!

Good news for anyone going to the Madonna show at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles tonight! Sources are claiming that both Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will be joining Madge on the stage to sing along. Though it’s unapparent if it will be at the same time during some sort of a medley, or during […]

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Britney Spears premiered her new video for Womanizer last night on 20/20 with the directors cut shown online directly after. In the words of the great Joey Lawrence… WOAH!

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