The Price is Rigged?

Naturally when big things happen on gameshows you have to question wether they really happened, or if they were set up for entertainment value.

Sometimes I even question if there is a secret man or computer system behind the big wheel on The Price is Right that gives it an extra push towards the 1.00 square every now and then.  But this latest TPIR happening will beat anything you’ve ever seen. (Though it was not enough to excite host Drew Carey.)

A contestant by the name of Sharon was the top winner and got first look at the showcase, when it consisted of trailers and a bunch of man stuff, she passed it on to old Terry, who came in second for the day.

Terry made an outrageous bid of $23,743, suggesting he had no idea other than he felt confidant in the #23,000 area to not go over.

Sharon was offered some vacations, and though she was uncertain with her $30,025 bid, she ended up being only $494 dollars away from winning.

When Carey opened the envelope with Terry’s actual retail price on it, without so much as even a “holy-shit” he informed Terry that the actual retail price was $23,743, “right on the nose.”

Had he bid 23,744… He would have been over,  so coincidence or conspiracy? Watch it all go down below via Best Week Ever, which in fact Terry is possibly having.

BTW, the last time someone on TPIR hit the showcase right on the nose, was in 1972.

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