Good News!


MacGyver is likely headed to the big screen!

New Line is ahead of the project and they are hoping to score themselves the new action franchise out of this cult classic television show.

Obviously, old ass Richard Dean Anderson will not be reprising the role of America’s number one voted action hero, so this thing could go one of two ways.

Very good or very bad!

Fans are going to have to give this one a shot, sort of like a step dad who you think is a dick, and want to be a dick so you can hate him, but actually might be cool in the end.

What are your favorite MacGyver moments?   How bout when he turned a coffin into a jet ski.  Check it out below.

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One Response to Good News!

  1. April 2, 2009 at 5:14 am #

    Hey Richard Dean Anderson is still a great hot looking man, and I did say it a couple of times allready, but if they are realy want to make a macGyver movie, then they realy should ask Richard Dean Anderson for it. If they dont then they better leave it alone, because its a sort of hype these days making movies from old tv series, and it doesn’t work at all. They tried to make a new MacGyver series once and that didn’t make it either. MacGyver is a unique tv series with a great guy who played the characher and that is Richard Dean Anderson, and there’s only one MacGyver, and that is played by Richard Dean Anderson as he did fantastic!!
    If they so want to make a macGyver movie, then he has to be in the movie. They can let it begin where it ended.(last MacGyver episode)
    it ended with Mac riding away on his motorbike together with the son he didn’t know he had, and he said goodby to Pete his good friend and boss Phoenix Foundation. He was riding into a new world new adventure.
    So let the movie start there. Mac with his son and then together they make a great team and solve a case together. Mac with duct tape and a knife and more and his son goes with computers Mac too ofcourse. Anyway that would be great for a movie, but as a trough fan of Richard Dean Anderson and there are many, many, many many other true fans of him and they all say the same thing. Leave it alone if not ask Richard Dean Anderson for the movie he deserves to be in it!
    He’s a great actor.
    Well thats my 2 cents about it.

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