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Is Elizabeth Taylor Drinking The Jesus Juice?

‘Cuz hot damn! The old gal sure can tweet! Dame Elizabeth Taylor, once known as The Most Beautiful Woman Of All Time, has not been shy about lavishing praise upon her late friend Michael Jackson‘s posthumous concert: ‘This Is It.’ As reported here on Starzlife, Liz recently held a private screening of the film and […]

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Michael Jackson’s Kids Raise Money To Buy A Dog Some Legs

According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s eldest kids saw a two legged dog on TV, and obviously used to freaky things, took an interest in the dog, and are raising cash to buy him some legs. Raising cash?  Wow that Katherine Jackson is sooo generous with their millions! The dog’s name is Scooby-Roo, and he was dumped under […]

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Hold Your Stomach Muscles: Joe Jackson On The Today Show

Continuing his money-making tour from his son Michael’s death, Joe Jackson sat down on today’s Today show for a vomit-inducing interview. Some highlights from the low-life: On how he’s doing: “I’m fine. Still grieving over my son’s loss. Because he was the greatest. All over the world. I’m proud of that.” On if he’s “Angry” […]

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Michael Jackson Would Have Turned 51 Today

Michael Jackson would have celebrated his 51st birthday today had he not passed in June. Pour out a little liquor and watch my favorite MJ song-

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“I Gave Michael My Sperm” Says Man Claiming Paternity of Paris Jackson

In a jar? In a sock? For Christmas? UK News of the World is quoting Michael Jackson‘s longtime friend and Paris‘s godfather Mark Lester as as saying, “[I] gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids – and I believe Paris is my daughter.” What and oddly phrased statement – it seems to […]

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Somebody’s Clearly Not a Michael Jackson Fan

Michael Jackson’s popularity has only gone up since his passing – except for one bitchy person. Rupert Everett, the dude who keeps playing the gay best friend in pretty much all his movies, talked smack about the late King of Pop to Britain’s Daily Mirror.Why were they interviewing this guy to begin with is my […]

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Rebbie Jackson To Mother Jackson Kids

TMZ is reporting that multiple sources are saying that 59 year-old Rebbie Jackson will take custody of the Jackson kids. Early reports confirmed Janet as the logical choice for custody, but t’is not the case. And don’t expect Katherine Jackson to be trudging the kids down to Kingdom Hall anymore. The glassy-eyed Jehovas Witness is […]

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Joe Jackson’s Nose Is Growing

Bring in the body language experts. Joe Jackson isn’t just content with flogging DVDs to reporters just hours after Michael’s death – or selling himself out for interviews. He’s peddling lies to Larry King. Check out last night’s interview between Larry and Joe – and Joe’s assertion that he never beat his kids (despite numerous […]

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Bill Maher on Michael Jackson: “The Most Famous White Lady To Die Since Princess Diana”

Funny man Bill Maher went where few comics in America have gone recently: Michael Jackson jokes. Jackson, says Bill, was: “The most famous white lady to die since Princess Diana.” The talk show host delivered a hilarious speech that compared the lost promise of Michael Jackson with America. Get ready for this: Says Bill: “Why […]

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“What If” Photo of Michael Jackson Really Depressing

Not depressed enough about Michael Jackson‘s death? Well, here’s something to add to the sadness pile. Buzzfeed found a 1985 Ebony magazine that pontificated what Michael would look like in the year 2000. The results are really tragic. Not because he looks bad – but because he looks fantastic. Unfortunately for photoshop artists in 1985 […]

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