Hold Your Stomach Muscles: Joe Jackson On The Today Show


Continuing his money-making tour from his son Michael’s death, Joe Jackson sat down on today’s Today show for a vomit-inducing interview.

Some highlights from the low-life:

On how he’s doing: “I’m fine. Still grieving over my son’s loss. Because he was the greatest. All over the world. I’m proud of that.

On if he’s “Angry” (which apparently means something different to “mad”):
No. I’m not angry. I’m mad. Mad because I didn’t know that all this was going on.

On if he wants those involved to “pay”:
Someone should pay. All of them should pay that’s involved.”

On how often he sees his grandkids:
Well, I’m their grandfather. I put it like this… I see them enough… time enough, often enough.

Why hasn’t the Jackson family pulled this man from making public appearances?! Besides not knowing how to speak English, he’s shaming his son. We’re calling a Joe Jackson Intervention NOW!

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