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Michael Jackson’s Daddy to Launch Michael Inspired Fragrance Line

Michael Jackson’s father has regained all the power, so why not cash in on his sons legacy? We could name a million reasons why not, but this is Joe Jackson we’re talking about. Joe’s latest business venture involves a line of Michael Jackson fragrances. Joe has teamed up with a French company to develop Jackson’s […]

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Joe Jackson Continues His Tour Of Dead Son Whoring

And this morning’s award for ‘Father Of The Year‘? That would be disgusting Joe Jackson, the sleaze-ball dad who has been running around town pitching a new reality series about ‘The Jackson Dynasty.’ Yep, that would be his late son’s kids. Coming soon to A&E: “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.” US Weekly is reporting that […]

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Joe Jackson Is a Good, Non-Abusive Father. Just Ask Him

I think most people thought he and I had some differences. But there was no differences – that’s media talk. – Joe Jackson Stupid media! Stop reporting the truth! Michael Jackson isn’t the only Jackson whose value has increased after his death – Joe Jackson has gone from a near-worthless walking punchline to a reliable […]

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Michael Jackson Has Been Buried

Finally, Michael Jackson has been laid to rest. Last night in Los Angeles, Michael Jackson was buried in The Great Mausoleum at the famous Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale. The graveyard is host to a slew of famous Hollywood celebrities, including Humphrey Bogart and Mary Pickford. More than 200 close friends and family attended […]

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Hold Your Stomach Muscles: Joe Jackson On The Today Show

Continuing his money-making tour from his son Michael’s death, Joe Jackson sat down on today’s Today show for a vomit-inducing interview. Some highlights from the low-life: On how he’s doing: “I’m fine. Still grieving over my son’s loss. Because he was the greatest. All over the world. I’m proud of that.” On if he’s “Angry” […]

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What the Hell?! Michael Jackson STILL Isn’t Buried

What’s up with every non-Jewish approach to burial? When one of us dies, we can’t get ’em in the ground fast enough. You go straight from Cedars-Sinai to Mt. Sinai. (Is “sinai” Hebrew for “sick Jew”?) And none of this revolting solid-gold sarcophagus¬† nonsense, either. You get a wood box. In Israel, I think you […]

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WATCH THIS!!!! Joe Jackson Vs. Diana Ross, Liza Minelli AND Debbie Rowe!!!

Hey Mister Joe Jackson! Check out this hilarious Jackson custody battle skit courtesy of KnightOverEgypt – featuring cameos from Joe Jackson, Liza Minelli, Diana Ross and a horse-ridin’, white cherry-beggin’ Debbie Rowe! We think Liza (“his BEST girlfriend”) should win! Wanna be a mamaaaa?!!! Click here to follow Starzlife on Twitter!

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Joe Jackson Won’t Help Raise Kids; World Breathes Sigh Of Relief

And from the “good news for children all over the world” desk: Joe Jackson has decided not to help raise Michael Jackson‘s kids. In a statement filed in a Los Angeles court on Monday, Jackson said: “I have had a close family relationship with these grandchildren since their birth. I do visit the family residence […]

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Non-Child Abuser Joe Jackson Confirms MJ’s Love Child

Joe Jackson, who, as it turns out, didn’t beat Michael Jackson after all, has dropped another shocking truth-bomb: Omer Bhatti, rumored to be MJ’s love child since scoring a primo seat at the funeral is, in fact, the late singer’s son. In an interview with NewsOne.com (for black America – I’m not being racist, I’m […]

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Joe Jackson’s Nose Is Growing

Bring in the body language experts. Joe Jackson isn’t just content with flogging DVDs to reporters just hours after Michael’s death – or selling himself out for interviews. He’s peddling lies to Larry King. Check out last night’s interview between Larry and Joe – and Joe’s assertion that he never beat his kids (despite numerous […]

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