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Joe Jackson Continues His Tour Of Dead Son Whoring

And this morning’s award for ‘Father Of The Year‘? That would be disgusting Joe Jackson, the sleaze-ball dad who has been running around town pitching a new reality series about ‘The Jackson Dynasty.’ Yep, that would be his late son’s kids. Coming soon to A&E: “The Jacksons: A Family Dynasty.” US Weekly is reporting that […]

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Joe Jackson Won’t Help Raise Kids; World Breathes Sigh Of Relief

And from the “good news for children all over the world” desk: Joe Jackson has decided not to help raise Michael Jackson‘s kids. In a statement filed in a Los Angeles court on Monday, Jackson said: “I have had a close family relationship with these grandchildren since their birth. I do visit the family residence […]

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Jackson Custodians Speak Out!

Debbie Rowe thinks the Jackson custodian agreement is just swell. Rowe’s attorney Eric George made a comment to US yesterday, saying: “The sole consideration between the parties was the best interests of the children. I’m proud to have worked with such professionals who represented Ms. Jackson, and I am particularly proud of Deborah for her […]

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Jackson Custody Deal Reached

Bring those babies down to Kingdom Hall – Katherine Jackson has sole custody of the Jackson children. Not Rebbie. Under a new custody deal, Debbie Rowe will receive visitation rights but won’t ask for custody. 12 year old Prince, 11 year-old Paris, and 7 year-old Blanket have learned that Rowe is their natural mother and […]

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