“I Gave Michael My Sperm” Says Man Claiming Paternity of Paris Jackson


In a jar? In a sock? For Christmas? UK News of the World is quoting Michael Jackson‘s longtime friend and Paris‘s godfather Mark Lester as as saying, “[I] gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids – and I believe Paris is my daughter.” What and oddly phrased statement – it seems to say, “I gave Michael my sperm. On a semi-related note, I believe Paris is my daughter.”

You may already know Mark Lester as the lead in the 1968 film version of “Oliver!” if you’re over 55 and gay. He alleges an obvious similarity between Paris and himself, which raises the an intersting question – if Paris’s parents are this guy and Debbie Rowe, who are both some white-ass white people, why does Paris look like the daughter of Wentworth Miller and Jessica Szohr?

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