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Paris Jackson Remembers Her Father On Anniversary Of His Passing

It’s the three year anniversary of the death of Michael Jackson, who passed away on June 25, 2009, and fans and family members are remembering the singer by honoring the legacy he left behind. The King of Pop passed away three years ago today after Dr. Conrad Murry administered a fatal dose of anesthetic Propofol […]

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Michael Jackson’s Kids Raise Money To Buy A Dog Some Legs

According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s eldest kids saw a two legged dog on TV, and obviously used to freaky things, took an interest in the dog, and are raising cash to buy him some legs. Raising cash?  Wow that Katherine Jackson is sooo generous with their millions! The dog’s name is Scooby-Roo, and he was dumped under […]

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Paris Jackson’s Hair Clippings Swept Up, Put in Take-Home Bag

Paris Jackson got a haircut recently. Afterward, the chopped locks on the floor were swept up, put in a bag, and handed back to her “minder,” the Daily Mail reports. The speculation is that no hair was allowed to end up in a trash can so as to prevent someone from running DNA tests with […]

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“I Gave Michael My Sperm” Says Man Claiming Paternity of Paris Jackson

In a jar? In a sock? For Christmas? UK News of the World is quoting Michael Jackson‘s longtime friend and Paris‘s godfather Mark Lester as as saying, “[I] gave Michael my sperm so that he could have kids – and I believe Paris is my daughter.” What and oddly phrased statement – it seems to […]

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Debbie Rowe: “I Don’t Want The Money!”

Debbie Rowe’s lawyers have finally put an end to weeks of speculation that the King of Pop’s ex-wife is on a campaign for green. On Tuesday, The New York Post reported that Rowe was ready to relinquish the children in exchange for $4 million. But, according to lawyer’s, in a letter fired off to the […]

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Debbie Rowe Trades Kids for a Pay Day

Looks as if Prince and Paris Jackson were worth something to their surrogate mother, Debbie Rowe.  $4 million dollars. It’s being reported that Rowe has aggreed to relinquish all rights of custody to Katherine Jackson without a fight for that exact price. Surely Katherine and Joe Jackson just wanted to pay her and get her […]

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Kim Gives Her 2 Cents on Paris Jackson

Kim Kardashain want’s to make sure you know that Paris Jackson is not the first girl ever to speak at her dads funeral. The always wanting her name attached Kardashian writes in a post; “I spoke at my dad’s funeral & it was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. I was shaking & […]

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