Debbie Rowe Trades Kids for a Pay Day


Looks as if Prince and Paris Jackson were worth something to their surrogate mother, Debbie Rowe.  $4 million dollars.

It’s being reported that Rowe has aggreed to relinquish all rights of custody to Katherine Jackson without a fight for that exact price.

Surely Katherine and Joe Jackson just wanted to pay her and get her out of their and the children’s hair, but a custody battle might have been worth it for them if you ask me!

Rowe took a pay out of $8 million with $900,000 each year for five more years after the birth of Paris Jackson, and went on various interviews admitting that she was not their mother and did not want them to call her mom.

Pretty much she had no interest in them until they had a net worth to them after Michael passed away.

With Michael’s legacy sure to sell forever though, $4 million is a decent pay out to get this woman out of the children’s hair for good.

Don’t spend it all in one place, Deb!

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