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Does Oprah Have an Agenda? Airing Molestation/ Michael Jackson Episodes Back to Back

It’s probably nothing more than a scheduling coincidence, but conspiracy buffs might start raising a brow with Oprah’s latest schedule flub. On November 9th, Oprah is airing an episode in which she visits with Michael Jackson’s mother, father, and kids at their home. The episode will be one of the first with his children, and […]

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Leave Michael Jackson alone already.

Everyone’s still fighting over everything to do with the deceased gloved one, Michael Jackson. Will people just leave it be already?  Those poor kids are growing up with a never ending steam of people suing each other and fighting over everything. “Who’s responsible for his death?”,  “AEG did it” “Dr. Conrad Murray” ” he owed […]

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Is Macaulay Culkin the Father of Blanket Jackson?

Rumors are flying around, sparked by British tabloid The Sun, that adorable child star and creepy adult actor, Macaulay Culkin is the biological father of Michael Jackson‘s son Prince Michael II, aka Blanket.  Culkin and Jackson were longtime friends, and Culkin is the godfather of Michael’s other children, so could he also be sperm donor […]

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Debbie Rowe: “I Don’t Want The Money!”

Debbie Rowe’s lawyers have finally put an end to weeks of speculation that the King of Pop’s ex-wife is on a campaign for green. On Tuesday, The New York Post reported that Rowe was ready to relinquish the children in exchange for $4 million. But, according to lawyer’s, in a letter fired off to the […]

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Debbie Rowe Trades Kids for a Pay Day

Looks as if Prince and Paris Jackson were worth something to their surrogate mother, Debbie Rowe.  $4 million dollars. It’s being reported that Rowe has aggreed to relinquish all rights of custody to Katherine Jackson without a fight for that exact price. Surely Katherine and Joe Jackson just wanted to pay her and get her […]

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Billie Jean Was His Lover?

Leave it to the crazies to surface at a time like this! A woman wacko by the name of Billie Jean Jackson is seeking custody of Michael’s youngest son, Prince Michael II (Blanket) claiming that she is the mother of the child. The woman will appear in an LA court room on Monday July 6, […]

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