Billie Jean Was His Lover?


Leave it to the crazies to surface at a time like this!

A woman wacko by the name of Billie Jean Jackson is seeking custody of Michael’s youngest son, Prince Michael II (Blanket) claiming that she is the mother of the child.

The woman will appear in an LA court room on Monday July 6, the same day Katherine Jackson learns if she will be receiving full custody of the three children.

Billie Jean is seeking 1 billion dollars in child support, and weekend visits with the child she calls her son.

Um… if you haven’t seen nor paid any expenses in the child’s entire life, and on the birth certificate under mother it’s listed as “none” then good luck getting one billion in child support.

Also, if there was an agreement signed saying the identity of the mother must be kept secret as Michael Jackson has said numerous times in the past, this would be a breach of contract.

This woman is the true wacko jacko!

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