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Katherine Jackson Regains Joint Custody Of Michael Jackson’s Kids

Katherine Jackson has been reinstated as the guardian of her late son Michael’s three kids, after agreeing to share the responsibility with her grandson TJ. A judge in LA suspended Katherine Jackson as the primary guardion for Prince, Paris, and Blanket just weeks ago during a family feud, which began when Jackson was reported missing. […]

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Katherine Jackson Found!

A scary moment for the Jackson family this past weekend when it was announced that Katherine Jackson had gone missing on Saturday night. Jackson was reported missing this past weekend when family members, including Michael Jackson’s kids, Paris, Prince, and Blanket, could not get ahold of their grandmother. Jackson’s nephew, Trent, filed a missing person’s […]

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Michael Jackson’s Kids Raise Money To Buy A Dog Some Legs

According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s eldest kids saw a two legged dog on TV, and obviously used to freaky things, took an interest in the dog, and are raising cash to buy him some legs. Raising cash?  Wow that Katherine Jackson is sooo generous with their millions! The dog’s name is Scooby-Roo, and he was dumped under […]

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Joe Jackson Won’t Help Raise Kids; World Breathes Sigh Of Relief

And from the “good news for children all over the world” desk: Joe Jackson has decided not to help raise Michael Jackson‘s kids. In a statement filed in a Los Angeles court on Monday, Jackson said: “I have had a close family relationship with these grandchildren since their birth. I do visit the family residence […]

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Jackson Custodians Speak Out!

Debbie Rowe thinks the Jackson custodian agreement is just swell. Rowe’s attorney Eric George made a comment to US yesterday, saying: “The sole consideration between the parties was the best interests of the children. I’m proud to have worked with such professionals who represented Ms. Jackson, and I am particularly proud of Deborah for her […]

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Jackson Custody Deal Reached

Bring those babies down to Kingdom Hall – Katherine Jackson has sole custody of the Jackson children. Not Rebbie. Under a new custody deal, Debbie Rowe will receive visitation rights but won’t ask for custody. 12 year old Prince, 11 year-old Paris, and 7 year-old Blanket have learned that Rowe is their natural mother and […]

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I’m Not Trying to Be Insensitive, But Shouldn’t 79-Year-Old Katherine Jackson Just Fall Back When It Comes to MJ’s Will? She Already Has a House

Again, I’m not trying to be insensitive. But again: she’s 79. So’s Joe. Why is he launching a record label at 79? He should be taking a lot of naps. The prescient Michael Jackson included a “no contest” clause in his will, meaning that if you decide to quibble with it, you’re immediately out. Katherine […]

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Debbie Rowe: “I Don’t Want The Money!”

Debbie Rowe’s lawyers have finally put an end to weeks of speculation that the King of Pop’s ex-wife is on a campaign for green. On Tuesday, The New York Post reported that Rowe was ready to relinquish the children in exchange for $4 million. But, according to lawyer’s, in a letter fired off to the […]

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Debbie Rowe Trades Kids for a Pay Day

Looks as if Prince and Paris Jackson were worth something to their surrogate mother, Debbie Rowe.  $4 million dollars. It’s being reported that Rowe has aggreed to relinquish all rights of custody to Katherine Jackson without a fight for that exact price. Surely Katherine and Joe Jackson just wanted to pay her and get her […]

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Court Denies Michael’s Parents

An LA judge this morning granted that lawyer John Branca and music exec John McClain be named the temporary administrators of  Michael Jackson’s estate as named in the 2002 will. Katherine and Joe Jackson had filed an appeal to delay the naming of these two men, as they had concerns about the motives and wanting […]

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