Court Denies Michael’s Parents


An LA judge this morning granted that lawyer John Branca and music exec John McClain be named the temporary administrators of  Michael Jackson’s estate as named in the 2002 will.

Katherine and Joe Jackson had filed an appeal to delay the naming of these two men, as they had concerns about the motives and wanting to see if a more recent will turned up, but they were not granted the extension.

All financial decisions will have to be presented to Katherine Jackson, though she will have no power to veto them.

Katherine Jackson and her attorneys then have the right to appeal any decision, but it may not do any good.

One of the Jacksons’ concerns was that Branca had just re-emerged in Michael’s life just weeks before he died.   Branca also presented a letter to court that was written by Michael Jackson on June 19, just 8 days before his death, requesting that he wanted Branca to control his affairs.

That sounds a bit fishy doesn’t it??

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