Michael Jackson’s Kids Raise Money To Buy A Dog Some Legs

prince-paris-and-blanket-jacksonAccording to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s eldest kids saw a two legged dog on TV, and obviously used to freaky things, took an interest in the dog, and are raising cash to buy him some legs.

Raising cash?  Wow that Katherine Jackson is sooo generous with their millions!

The dog’s name is Scooby-Roo, and he was dumped under a wrecked car in L.A.’s ganglands, and left to die.  Some disgusting excuse for a human being, had left him covered in scabs and wounds.

Seeing on TV that the young dog also had no front legs, the King of Pop’s eldest kids, Prince & Paris have taken on the job of raising the $2000 needed to buy him a canine cart, allowing him to walk.

Scooby-Roo is being taken care of at Fuzzy Rescue, who say they are rehabilitating him, so that he will be healthy to adopt to a “phenomenal home”

This story is sad in two ways, it’s despicable that Scooby-Roo was abused and dumped, and its sad, that these millionaire kids who’ve just lost their Dad, have to raise money.

Let me tell you, if they were our kids, not only would they not have a brother named Blanket, but they’d also have the money to buy a dog some legs!

What on earth, can 70 yr old great-grandmother, Katherine Jackson, be saving the kid’s zillions for?

Maybe some incredibly important mass mailings of Watchtower?

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