Lady Gaga Wears Pants And Speaks In Washington!

Lady GaGa joined a whole gaggle of Gay & Gay lovin’ celebs today at the National Equality March in Washington.

Considering Gaga was not born with a penis, and does not have one, we give her kudos for dressing like a tranny, and doing her speak.

Aside from her hideous Tranny Housewives of Atlanta get-up, she was actually kinda adorable.  The organizers had to put her on a set up so she could reach the mic, and she wooed the audience with a Liza joke.

Our Lady of the moment also commented: 

“This is the most important moment of my career!”

Which we know means, next year…Simi Valley Gay Pride!

The march attendees numbered between 200,000 and 250,000.

Thanks YouTube for the video!

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