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Michael Jackson’s Kids Raise Money To Buy A Dog Some Legs

According to TMZ, Michael Jackson’s eldest kids saw a two legged dog on TV, and obviously used to freaky things, took an interest in the dog, and are raising cash to buy him some legs. Raising cash?  Wow that Katherine Jackson is sooo generous with their millions! The dog’s name is Scooby-Roo, and he was dumped under […]

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Would You Cheer for a Team that had Michael Vick as a Player?

Michael Vick is out of jail, and now he’s back on the field. Vick (who’s like OJ, but with dogs, and he actually went to jail for his crimes) can participate in games “without delay in preseason practices, workouts and meetings and can play in the final two preseason games.” Ah! But there’s a catch. […]

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Adorable Gay Penguin Couple Split Up

Harry and Pepper met one day at the San Francisco Zoo. Harry was short but sleek, just Pepper’s style. After a brief courtship as teenagers, the two moved in together, eventually adopting an orphan and raising it as their own. It was gay bliss for six years, until the recently widowed Linda turned on her […]

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