Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo!!

WeHo’s School Kids See Stars For Lunch

West Hollywood, California (January 17, 2008)Eleven-year-old Grace Stagg spent Thursday , January 10 the envy of every elementary school child in the country when she entertained Corbin Bleu, the award-winning star of the hit films “High School Musical” and “High School Musical 2” at the West Hollywood Elementary School.

In this photo released by Sara Lee, teen star Corbin Bleu, from Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ visits an elementary school in West Hollywood, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008. Grace Stagg, a sixth-grader at the school, submitted a winning essay for the ‘Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo Contest’. Her school received $5,000, a year supply of free bread and lunch served to the entire school by Mr. Bleu. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

In actuality, Mr. Bleu did the entertaining, only one small part of a prize awarded Miss Stagg and her school for her Grand Prize winning entry in the Sara Lee® Soft & Smooth™ Bread Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo Contest that also included Mr. Bleu serving lunch to all the children and presenting $5,000 to the school for renovations that will “bring joy” to their lunchroom.

Additionally, the school will be given a year’s supply of Sara Lee® Soft & Smooth™ Bread for the school’s lunch needs.

The heartthrob of every prepubescent girl on the planet, actor/singer Mr. Bleu swept up to the school grounds in a school bus, whereupon he presented the check for $5,000 in a ceremony honoring Miss Stagg’s winning essay.

Afterward, he served sandwiches made from the Sara Lee bread.

Both girls submitted essays about why their schools needed a lunch makeover and a little fun brought to the lunchroom as part of the Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo Contest, a competition for Southern California students in grades three through eight.

Teen star Corbin Bleu presents a $5,000 check to eleven-year-old Grace Stagg (left), the Grand Prize in the Sara Lee Soft & Smooth Bread Ultimate Lunch Switcheroo Contest. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

The grand prize included a visit from Mr. Bleu, a $5,000 grant for the school and a one-year supply of free Sara Lee Soft & Smooth made with whole grain bread for the winner.

Miss Stagg’s essay said in part, “I go to a little school in West Hollywood and having Corbin come to our school would make HISTORY!”

Miss Stagg, a sixth grader with a penchant for stage and theater – she will soon be appearing in the school’s upcoming musical production – may quite possibly be Mr. Bleu’s biggest fan, which is saying a lot.

In her spare time, Miss Stagg says she loves to read, but has a singular hobby for an 11 year old.

In this photo released by Sara Lee, teen star Corbin Bleu, from Disney’s ‘High School Musical’ signs autographs at an elementary school in West Hollywood, Calif., Thursday, Jan. 10, 2008. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

She works red carpets as a freelance celebs interviewer for Hollywood events. In her budding interviewing career, she can boast of having interrogated celebs such as Paris Hilton, Ashley Tisdale and the cast of Hairspray, among the dozens she has done.

To date, however, she had not caught up with her idol, Corbin Bleu. Her favorite sandwiches are peanut butter and jelly or tuna made with Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread.

According to Sara Lee, these appearances by Mr. Bleu are essential to helping educate children, and through them, parents, about the benefits of eating whole grains.

“Getting Corbin involved not only gets kids excited about meeting a megastar, but it inspired some thoughtful and unique ideas about making lunch fun and nutritious,” Tim Zimmer, vice president, Sara Lee Fresh Bakery said in a press release.

The children at West Hollywood Elementary School getting prepared for the big event, teen star Corbin Bleu’s appearance. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

“We hope all this excitement will get kids and families to make the switch to breads with more whole grain.”

Both students received the news in December that they were winners, helping to build excitement throughout the school.

The excitement became almost too much for the assembly of youngsters on that sunny but frigid Friday, but the kids calmed enough to take in the educational part of the day’s activity.

A local registered dietitian, Monica Montes, gave a short presentation and answered questions from students about whole grain nutrition.

Corbin Bleu delivering Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread to West Hollywood Elementary school. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

“Everyone, especially kids, needs the benefits of whole grain in their diets,” said Monica Montes, registered dietitian and certified personal trainer at N.E.W. Health Consultants, Inc. in Pasadena, Calif.

“Health professionals recommend most Americans consume 48 grams, or three servings, of whole grain daily to help maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of stroke, diabetes and cancer,” she said.

“Sara Lee Soft & Smooth breads, made with whole grain, give consumers the soft texture and light color they prefer with the nutrition they need.

“It’s the perfect bread for pleasing picky eaters while adding more whole grain goodness to the lunchbox,” she finished.

Corbin Bleu saying hi to all his fans while serving lunch to the entire West Hollywood Elementary school. (AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

Both girls spent their holiday breaks preparing for the big day and dreaming up ideas for how their schools could use the $5,000 grant.

“I would like to see my school offer more vegetarian foods like grilled cheese sandwiches for people like me who don’t eat red meat or chicken,” said Miss Stagg.

Miss Stagg, who said she and her mom love to cut out shapes of stars in peanut butter and jelly sandwiches made with Sara Lee Soft & Smooth bread, was presented with a gift box packed with goodies from Sara Lee and Mr. Bleu to commemorate the big day.

Both winning essays can be found at www.thejoyofeating.com/lunch.

In photo (left to right): Grace Stagg (winner), Corbin Bleu, West Hollywood Mayor John Duran, Registered Dietitian Monica Montes, West Hollywood Elementary School Principal Jim Hum.(AP Photo/Sara Lee, Bob Riha, Jr.)

Mr. Bleu will reprise his role on the big screen later this year in Walt Disney Pictures’ “High School Musical 3” and recently completed producing and starring in the feature film “Freestyle,” set for release in 2008.

He is currently in the studio working on his second CD.

And oh, his favorite sandwich is grilled cheese on Sara Lee Soft & Smooth 100% Honey Whole Wheat Bread.

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