CRUSTY, FLESH-EATING BACTERIA invading Amy Winehouse’s face!!

IMPETIGO ALERT:  Winehouse is “highly contagious”.w2.jpgWhile rumors recently buzzed about Amy Winehouse’s swollen mouth; speculation being she had finally decided to fix her crack teeth, as a final step in her rehabilitation, it turns out she’s actually suffering from a “highly contagious”, blistering bacterial infection called Impetigo!  Winehouse was recently diagnosed, and advised to stay home, take her antibiotics, and spend the next few days alone!  Amy’s spokeswoman released this statement to News of the World:

“Amy has been diagnosed with impetigo which she’s been told can be highly contagious.  Because of that, she’s been put on antibiotics and may have to stay home alone for the next few days.  Impetigo is an infection of the skin caused by a bacteria which causes a blistered crusty rash…”

It seems like more and more stars are suffering major party hangovers, after seemingly risking themselves to scary plagues and STDs, whenever they decide to party nowadays!  Earlier this week, over 600 celebs and A-listers were exposed to Amy’s stage spit at this year’s Paris Fashion week.I’m just hoping that all Hollywood doesn’t start going into hiding for the next few days!  Not only would I be out of work, we’d all be missing out on the best Hollypics – EVER!wenn17764802.jpgBig names like Mary Kate and Ashley Trodent, Kanye West, Princess RiRi, Allergic, Miserable Alba, and Milla Jovovich, were among the many celebs present at the Paris Fashion Week, possibly suffering from a current case junkie dentistry mouth…  Yep, I bet Blake is seeing things in a whole new perspective, probably thanking his lucky stars at this very moment!

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