Nice and submissive… Just the way I like ’em!

Mrs. Eva Longoria-Parker: still playing it nice for the media!


Eva Longoria was all smiles and hugs yesterday, as she greeted fans and photographers alike, outside a beauty salon in West Hollywood!  And no, this is not a joke.  I’m pretty sure Eva Longoria is still trying to win over all those Desperate Housewives fans who have ADD (my fat self included), and might not remember what channel the show is even on anymore.  And, I must say, Eva is doing a pretty good job at this “sweetheart” promotion, considering she’s known to look like a constipated superbit superstar in most pictures, scowling behind an enormous pair of prescription sunglasses! Yes, people, enjoy it while you can, Eva Longoria wants attention, and she’s looking cuter than ever, actually smiling and posing in the street!!

She might have to work a little on relaxing her clench smile, though…ec.JPGIs it just me, or are her cheeks looking a little fuller (Yay!)?

Eva Longoria plays Gabrielle Solis, in the hit show Desperate Housewives, a fun, flirty character who, along with the other ladies of Wisteria Lane, forms part of a sexy, fun, and individually sick group of suburban girlfriends whom are as close as women can get, within their specific social circle and lifestyle (a/k/a many secrets, some betrayal…)

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