Eddie Murphy is the SCARY one!

Say wha?!  Why don’t you come over here and tell it to my face!

031808_sl_murphy06.JPGYesterday afternoon, comedian Eddie Murphy finally decided to take a break from whining about former girlfriend acquaintance, Melanie Brown (a/k/a Scary Spice, mother of his rejected, future man-hating child, Angel Iris Murphy Brown), and go out to lunch at Mr. Chow’s in Beverly Hills.  Murphy was courteous, until one of the surrounding paparazzi mentioned Angel Iris got too close and made Murphy scowl!4.JPGEddie Murphy has notoriously handled all fatherhood matters with much class and intelligence, much like a true, savvy gentleman should.  Not only does he insist Scary Spice deceived him into conceiving (he claims she swore to be on birth control), Murphy is also adamant that he and Melanie Brown had but a “casual relationship.”  As told by an inider to trusty National Enquirer:

“What was supposed to be a casual relationship ended with her having his baby and taking him to court for millions…”

So, not only is Eddie Murphy a complete and public jerk to his innocent baby girl; he also admits to having unprotected sex with “casual relationships”, just as long as he is protected from fatherhood…  Hmm, I wonder how many STDs other kids he may also have…031808_sl_murphy01.JPG031808_sl_murphy05.JPG24.JPG

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