Straight up wasted!

14261american_idol_logo_medium.jpgIt’s no secret that Paula Abdul is known to be a little loopy from time to time while judging contestants on American Idol but last night she hit a new low! Story and video to follow.Sometimes she has trouble putting words together, some times shes dancing like theres no tomorrow that drunk girl at the bar who’s friends are all embarassed of her, and sometimes she just can’t say anything mean, and praises the contestants for “looking cute” even though their songs were horrible.

Well I’m sure by now you have seen her little slip up last night. In a show that was such a snooze fest, Abdul may have created a moment that saved the shows dignity and will make people remember it for more than being the most boring episode of the season. Video

To sum it up, all 5 contestants came out hear about their first song. Randy went through his five, then it was Paula, only she told Jason Castro how bad his first and second songs were. Only problem with that is, he hadn’t sang his second song yet. After Ryan corrected her she said something like “oh, i meant David (Cook), I had your notes on the same paper.” Only problem with that was, She actually enjoyed David Cooks first performance and then told him he was wonderful. Is Idol now sponsored by BACARDI and Coke?To put some speculation, the fabulous Perez is reporting via spies that Paula enjoyed a couple of cocktails with lunch on Tuesday afternoon around 1:00 PM, about 4 hours before Idol tapes here on the west coast. Why stop with one… you know she kept going through the evening.She called into On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning to try and cover her ass but she’s now got the entire internet against her. Wonder what she will say tonight on Idol, hopefully an apology to Jason Castro.As for my Starzlife show predictions, last week we were hit with a curve ball in the undeserving departure of Carly Smithson over Brooke White, but hopefully this week America got it right.I expect Jason Castro to earn some sympathy votes due to Paula’s little stunt so I think that takes him out of any danger. Syesha Mercado was so hot last night so I’m going to say she is safe til Next Week. David Cook also kept on his road to becoming the favorite as well. That gives the bottom three to Brooke, Jason, and for the first time ever, David Archuletta. Thats a very bold prediction seeing as he has been the front runner since Hollywood week, but it’s just getting to be about that time. Brooke should be going home and she will be…hopefully.

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