Phoebe Price says nuh uh!

This weeks cover of the National Enquirer focuses on stars with cellulite. Phoebe Price, whos can was featured on the cover, is speaking out against the mag and claiming foul play.

This red carpet regular is never one opposed to being on a magazines worst dressed list, as she is known for showing up in some outlandish outfits, but when you are a so called international supermodel, you don’t want your flabby legs on the counter of every 7eleven in America.

Mischa Barton, a serious actress who is also involved in the same cover scandal, came out and accused the photographer of photoshopping the photos and claimed that her legs aren’t really that bad. This led Price to do the same. PP set up an interview with the insider and acted shocked that the magazine would even do something like that.

They ought to all take a page out of Kim Kardashian’s book and get a cellulite treatment. In spite of Paris Hilton calling her a cottage cheese ass, Kim even let the cameras roll for her reality tv show. Neither of them even compare to Kim, but at least live with it.

here’s all i could dig up. Un-doctored, I promise.


So what’s the verdict?

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