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Somebody wants to grow up and be like Lindsay. Who is this crazy?

It’s her little sister, Aliana Lohan. In this promo clip from Dina Lohan’s reality show, Living Lohan, lil’ Ali, who is 15 years old, claims that she wants to grow up to be like her sister Lindsay.

Has nobody introduced this girl to her sister Lindsay??

I know looking up to siblings is something all kids do, but really? Your sister is Hanibal Lecter! By saying this you are admiting you want to grow up and put out some horrible CD’s, make one or two successful movies while the rest fail, get 2 DUI’s, and do a couple stints in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

I’m actually rooting for this girl to have more success, but not until she’s 18 so her mother can’t take any of her money!

Hang this photo on your wall and look at it every day Ali, you can be whatever you want to be 🙂


Living Lohan premieres Memorial Day on E!

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