Queen of the court.

He’s this years MVP and lead his team all the way to the NBA finals, but even Kobe Bryant needs to keep up his appearance between games.US Magazine is reporting that on a day off between games one and two of the NBA finals in Boston last week, Kobe ordered a mani/pedi to his hotel suite.

Donna Nieves of a Boston salon worked on Kobe’s hands and feet and she told the latest issue of the mag

“He started doing his pedicure around 5 p.m. He was watching the movie 21 and he got on his couch,” Nieves tells Us, adding that the reigning NBA MVP was “really concerned about the appearance of his hands and feet.” 

She also added that “he told me he tries to get them often.” 

So first of all, I wonder what all his friends think about his love for the salon?  What will that do for his BROMANCE!? 

Secondly, how was he watching 21?  21 doesn’t come out on DVD until July 22! (Same day as the Miley CD) Queen Kobe probably already has that too! He probably listens to it while he warms up for the games.

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