Not moving to NYC yet.

Hills good girl Whitney Port isn’t headed to the east coast for her own spin-off yet!  The quiet one on the show tells Entertainment Weekly, but she’s not counting it out!

Port, who plays Lauren Conrads real voice of reason on the show, staying away from as much drama as possible, was originally rumored to be moving to New York City to continue her career in fashion with a more prestigious position at the company she is currently working for, Peoples Revolution.

Of those rumors Port tells EW;

“There are rumors, and rumors that I’ve heard from people at MTV as well, but nothing is set in stone yet, and there is no foreseeable move date right now.”

When asked if this would be the last season as far as “The Hills” is concerned, Whitney said;

“I was told that was going to be it and then there was talk of maybe another [season],” she says. “So I’m hearing different things from everyone, but at this point we’re all just wrapped up in the moment. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.”

Could she carry an “unscripted drama” with her lack of drama style?  Perhaps, but it might be just as interesting to watch someone living that life in a new city minus the Spencer’s and the Heidis.

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